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Swallow Events also provides high quality event catering solutions utilising our own fleet of vintage airstream catering trailers. 


We have an almost limitless variety of culinary options available and set-dressing ensuring our style of food fits seamlessly with your event or festival. 


Whether catering for large events where speed, efficiency and production are paramount or for smaller low-key events, we have a catering solution to suit every environment and requirement.

Our fleet of vintage airstream catering trailers have an almost limitless variety of culinary options available. Below are some of our most popular examples. If you have something specific in mind for your event then please do make contact, the possibilities are infinite...

OPTION 1 - “The Beefcake Airstream”


The finest Wagyu beef patty’s, fresh locally produced artisan, egg glazed sesame buns and locally sourced, fresh ingredients are what makes a ‘beefcake’ truly unique


‘Anything else is simply a hamburger’

OPTION 2 - “The Edamame Airstream”


Our Asian inspired menu has been created to soothe, nourish and sustain whilst keeping a firm eye on healthy wellbeing.

Our ingredients are cooked from fresh & served fresh to ensure the colours, aromas, flavours and spices are always served at their optimum.

OPTION 3 - “The Haute Dog Airstream”


Haute Dogs serves authentic German hot dogs made from the finest meats adorned with wildly unique toppings. We also offer our own blend of Barista coffees, teas, refreshing juices, soft drinks and mineral waters

OPTION 4 - “The Swallow Bakery Airstream”


Established in 2007 - The Swallow Bakery is a unique boutique bakery on wheels, originally created to compliment our bricks and mortar Swallow Bakery cafe’s, offering speciality cupcakes, tray-bakes, freshly prepared panini, toasted sandwiches as well as serving delicious barista coffee, teas, soft drinks and mineral waters.

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