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Event Wi-fi & Electronic point of sale (Epos) Solutions

Event Wi-Fi & Electronic Point of Sale (Epos) Solutions

electronic point of sale

Swallow Eepos©

(Event Electronic Point of Sale©)

Having created our own bespoke  Event Electronic Point of Sale© system to aid our event management business. We've experienced such unprecedented levels of success that we've decided to now start offering this service to the event industry as a whole. 


An exceptionally portable 8” touchscreen with a built-in 3” thermal printer. A cash drawer plugs in via a cable to the underside and if required a barcode scanner (for staff/sponsor vouchers etc) can also be attached via one of the USB sockets. It runs a full version of the Swallow Eepos© software so offering all from the internal solid state drive so there's no need for cloud services/internet connectivity. However, if you required live access at an event they can be daisy chained to a wifi network, allowing  for previously mentioned live data central monitoring. Programming is simple as the individual trader submits their menus/pricing and the units arrive to the event pre-programmed. This gives the benefit of a pre-tested system whilst also ensuring each individual till operator does not have access to the backend of the system, in other words it is not possible to manipulate pricing or sales data and you as an event organiser will have full control with all empirical sales data by product, time of day and a whole host of other detailed data available.

Should an event not have wifi - from your “host” perspective you can be provided with a standard end-of-day Z/Shift report as well as access to sales data for each unit following the close of each event to ensure that you can invoice for any ground-rent/royalty payments.


We’re a huge fan of these systems as they ensure a tight rein on any percentage fees owed.


As a precautionary step, we have 24hr tech support at each event and also carry backup Eepos© units in the unlikely scenario a unit should fail



Short-term rental

1 x Swallow Eepos© 8” touchscreen system with in-built 3” thermal printer

1 x 4 note/8coin cash drawer with removable insert tray

Only £135.00 per unit/per week


All prices exclude V.A.T.

Complete Event Wi-Fi Solutions


Utilising Elon Musk's Starlink satellite internet service. We're able to offer 100% coverage in any location and across limitless expanses of greenfield sites, enabling seamless electronic payments without having to rely on lacklustre 4g mobile data coverage.


We're also able to facilitate both open (public) and closed (private) internet connections/networks.

Please contact us for further information

Would you like a bespoke quote?

If so, we would love to hear from you. 

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